Dove Keeper (KDP, 2018) || Paperback | HardcoverKindle | Audiobook: Dove Keeper is a historical Gothic horror novel from the perspectives of three women who must contend with unspeakable horror in a dilapidated manor in WWI France. The story has been compared to The Others and Crimson Peak, and it also has shades of the macabre fairy tale "Bluebeard."

Birds in a Cage (KDP, 2019) || Paperback | Kindle: Sequel to Dove Keeper and 84% gayer. Birds in a Cage is about Marcy, the executioner's daughter, solving a murder mystery in WWII France where women are being drained of their blood in their bathtubs. She also has to connect back to her past and the two sultry and mysterious women she had a polyamorous romance with.

Rabbit Heart (Wilde Nightingale, 2019): Rachel, after many, many years, has found love in the form of Marcus and Linda; the fact her adoptive parents are serial killers with a little penchant for cannibalism now and again makes everything a lot more complicated. Basically, if NBC's "Hannibal" were a Southern Gothic family drama. Pre-orders available in the title link.

The Hottest of Messes (Archive of Our Own, 2019): Serial novel. Scout, a failed grad student, sells her soul to Satan, so she'll have a friend.


"Turkey Hunting"

(Z Publishing, 2017)


(Z Publishing, 2018)

"Daughters of the Sun"

(Honey & Lime, 2018)

"Daddy Issues"

(Marias at Sampaguitas, 2019)


(Marias at Sampaguitas, 2019)

"Sick Girl"

(Marias at Sampaguitas, 2019)


(Marias at Sampaguitas, 2019)


(Marias at Sampaguitas, 2019)

"Grand Loafering"

(Z Publishing, 2019)



"The Witch's Daughter" (Marias at Sampaguitas, 2019): As the title suggests, a daughter and her witch mom.

"The Worst Husbands in All of Eternity" (Vamp Cat Mag, 2019): Two guys in Hell named Judas and Satan find love in all the wrong places, and it's awesome.

"The Stygian Home for Cats, Goats, Human Spawn, and Miscellaneous Sacrifices" (Kindred, TL;DR Press, 2019): Yet another Judas/Satan story leading into my eventual series. As part of a "family" prompt, Judas and Satan visit an orphanage in Limbo with an absurdly long name.

"Iron Girl" (Marias at Sampaguitas, 2019): A flash fiction look at Persephone.

"Devils' Catch" (Marias at Sampaguitas, 2019): More Judas/Satan goodness.

"Scylla and the Witch" (Marias at Sampaguitas, 2019): A take on the Greek myth of Circe and Scylla.

"Home" (Marias at Sampaguitas, 2019): Persephone and Hecate talk by the Styx.

"Oscar Wilde and John Keats in a Cemetery, Spring 2019" (Marias at Sampaguitas, 2019): Exactly what it says on the tin.

"Aftermath" (Marias at Sampaguitas, 2019): Part of Rabbit Heart. Rachel tries to heal.

"The Girls from Nothing" (Shades of Pride, TL;DR Press, 2019): Two women from H.P. Lovecraft's short stories, Asenath Waite ("The Thing on the Doorstep") and Lavinia Whateley ("The Dunwich Horror"), explore their trauma together.

"Temptation" (Marias at Sampaguitas, 2019): Hecate convinces Persephone to give Cerberus some pomegranate tarts.

"Ghosts" (Marias at Sampaguitas, 2019): An executioner grieves a loss.

"Andromeda" (Marias at Sampaguitas, 2019): A brief retelling of the sacrifice of Andromeda.

"Transgression" (Marias at Sampaguitas, 2019): An incomplete journey of gender self-discovery.

"Through the Dark Woods" (Marias at Sampaguitas, 2019): A fictional exploration of abuse survival through dark fairy tales and myths.


"The Witch: Yes, it is a 'True' Horror Film" (The Artifice, 2016): A defense and analysis of the 2016 horror film The Witch.

"Vampires in Literature: Opera Cloaks, Sparkles, and Prevailing Themes" (The Artifice, 2016): A comprehensive look at vampire fiction and recurring themes throughout the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries, from The Vampyre to Dracula to Twilight.

"Final Girl: Horror, Action, and Gender" (The Artifice, 2016): An analysis of the 2015 action-horror film Final Girl.

"A Letter to All Neurodivergent Creatives" (Survival is a Talent, 2017): A discussion about making art while being mentally ill.

"Writing with Depression and Anxiety" (Survival is a Talent, 2017): A continuation of discussing what it means to make art while mentally ill.

"How Outlining Helps Me When I’m Anxious or Depressed" (Knot Magick, 2018): Reasons why outlining my writing helps during tougher weeks.

"The Struggles of Getting a Diagnosis" (Knot Magick, 2019): The complications of seeking a diagnosis for mental health issues.

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